MeePlace 2.96 is Here!

Meeplace 2.96 has been released. This update focuses on improving current features, core structure as well as adding a few new requested features by our users. The updated features and new usability was developed mainly from user comments and suggestions. This theme will be integrated into the next few more releases up until 3.0.

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MeePlace v2.96 Release Notes:

New Features

  1. Admin can reset admin panel password.
  2. Duplicated selected category real-time check when submitting business.
  3. New multi-table search feature. Admin can determine to turn it on to search for business name, category, subcategory, description, and even reviews.
  4. Now allow all registered users able to compliment non friends & friends
  5. Footer copyright auto display site name instead of
  6. Secure code for admin reset password and user reset password
  7. Added two variables Domain! and Sitename! for mail templates
  8. Added Search function for special offers page
  9. Implemented new style jQuery gallery for user gallery and business gallery.
  10. Add friend approval on profile. Invitee can approve friend request from links in Email or Profile page.
  11. Category names work with multi-language system now. Including Business, Special Offers, Classified, Event and Chatter categories and subcategories.
  12. New Visual Language Editor for you to edit translations even without program skill.
  13. New Map Generator in admin panel for you to generate maps for business in batch. Also you can determine if the result generator give is right.
  14. Ability to Turn off Google maps in admin panel.
  15. New Event Edit page in admin panel.
  16. Now change password have been an individual page.
  17. Now visitors can click the button under Google map to get directions to the business.
  18. Notify business owners when a review has been written about their listing, also a new new mail template for this feature.
  19. Admin can upload site logo from admin panel directly.
  20. A new setting for admin to determine if the reviews need to be approved before which can be displayed.
  21. Category and search url SEO.
  22. Category List links in search page SEO improved depends on whether there’s keyword searching.
  23. “Narrow by Category” is taken place by “Browse by Category” if there’s no keyword searching.
  24. A new list page for business owners to edit all special offers of his business.
  25. When a user is deleted by admin, it now deletes all his reviews, bookmarks, etc.
  26. Now require two 2 characters at least before giving city suggestions to reduce server workload and avoid long suggestion list.
  27. If business is deleted it now delete all its reviews and bookmarks, etc.
  28. A new settings for weather display in admin panel.
  29. Address to map marker feature for Event Create.
  30. “Related Business” will auto set event’s city in Create Event.
  31. Address to map auto generator in Create Event.


  1. Event reply with special chars fixed
  2. Event site url and description with special chars fixed.
  3. Both “Browse Photos” and “Add Photos” links for business detail page.
  4. Improved security when searching business
  5. Empty subcategory will not be allowed for businesses.
  6. Special characters will be totally hidden in business permalink.
  7. & now changes to “and” in permalink creation.
  8. Change ‘Nickname’ to ‘Username’.
  9. Special chars in business reviews fixed.
  10. Locations is alphabetical order
  11. Fixed URL included in Special Offers not redirecting user to correct website.
  12. Rename link from “Write a Review” to “Page Bottom” in Chatter zone.
  13. Change name of “claim listing” to “Own this Business?”
  14. When user is creating an account, passwords and birthdate are lost upon user submitting form with ’email already in use’ fixed.
  15. User need to re-type passwords and birthday again when signing up bug fixed.
  16. Remove brithdate from password reset, and now make optional when signing up and Edit Profile page.
  17. “Business Father Folder” changed name to “Business Parent Folder” and moved to SEO settings.
  18. Hide all Main categories on Post a Classified page that don’t have sub categories.
  19. Username(Nickname) now don’t allow duplicates
  20. When a review is deleted it is still being counted fixed.
  21. Changed font size of nav bar to 13px and added “Home” link to nav bar.
  22. Search on classifieds works now.
  23. When uploading a photo to a business without a image, the images later uploaded don’t default to main cover fixed.
  24. Now cities auto-suggestion drop-down is able to process special chars.
  25. List images broken in homepage fixed.
  26. Now 1 star is the minimum for business review. Rating is required.
  27. Fixed search on classifieds
  28. Fixed issue with ” ‘ characters in event name, event reviews and business reviews.
  29. ‘&’ mark works in business category SEO url.
  30. Classifieds detail page direct link fixed.
  31. Event name with special chars fixed.
  32. Fixed video popup window for MAC browsers.
  33. Event maps auto create map pin location.
  34. Member search now can be searched by city
  35. Event end and start date system updated.
  36. Developer – Default theme folder has static directory path in 7 files fixed.

Meeplace 2.9 Released

2.9 is now launched!

2.9 Release Notes:

MeePlace V2.9
1. New – New Language Pack: Spanish (es-bo)
2. New – Able to switch off multi-language feature and set a fixed language.
3. New – Able to set a language as default when the language of visitor’s browser cannot be recognized.
4. New – Token available for user login.
5. New – Sales & Special Offers
6. New – Visual uploader for uploading pictures for business
7. New – Friend request. Now visitors can see a user’s basic info without login or without being friends. “Add as friend” need to be approved.
8. New – “Top reviewers” and “New users list”
9. New – Category SEO
10. New – City auto-suggest for header search.
11. New – Business owner can apply StarBiz from business detail page.
12. New – Allow a user to attach a photo with his classified.
13. New – Related Business for Event: Allow a user to pick a related business to fill address when making a event.
14. New – Special Offers: Business owner can post special offers for their business.
15. New – When creating a category user can enter keywords and description.
16. New – Regular Hours and Custom Hours for business hours.
17. Update – On business thumbnails, now it’s clickable and directed to business detail or category.
18. Update – Admin Notification for Contact us feedback
19. Update – Have cities and states to be set alphabetical.
20. Update – Non logged in pop up for visitor tried to review an event.
21. Update – Event translated.
22. Update – Member search updated.
23. Update – Changed the name ‘Deals’ to ‘Classified’.
24. Update – Text button instead of image button.
25. Update – Compatible with PHP 5.3+.
26. Update – Fixed No-Business error when adding business caused by special character in some environments.
27. New – Categories are now alphabetical

Meeplace 2.9 Coming Soon

Meeplace 2.9 is due out late August and we believe it is the best upgrade we have created. A ton of key new features are being released to make our review script slash business directory script the most powerful yelp like clone on the internet. A email will be sent out to our customers soon with a list of 90% of our features being released!

Meeplace launching ad payment system with Adpeeps

Meeplace has teamed up with banner display giant Adpeeps to offer a new banner ad system with payment intergration, geo targeting and category targeted ads. The system works with Meeplaces category ID system and we will be offering it to our customers as a add on package earlier next week. With the add on, there will be a guide on how to setup your system and how to add a buy link on your Meeplace website.

Meeplace Acquires Proclones

Meeplace has bought out it’s competitor Proclones. This will now help us bridge the gap to become the best Yelp Like Clone and Business Directory Script on the market.

Meeplace 2.8 Released

2.8 is now launched after another awesome job by our team, lead by Lijun Shen.

(read Lijun’s blog entry of 2.8)

2.8 Release Notes:

1. New – Multi Language feature.
2. New – New Language Packs: English, Chinese Simplified
3. New – More business fields are available to edit by owner, including adjust map, delete photos.
4. New – A rating tips when writing a review or posting a business.
5. New – Business Photo list in admin panel.
6. New – Able to change business folder to another name from /business
7. New – Star Business: Allow business to be a special one. Which will differs the business from features.
8. New – AJAX User Gallery.
9. New – Auto Address to Map feature when adding a business.
10.New – Add “Find My Position” and “Address to Map” for default map settings in admin panel.
11.New – Add “Send Email Newsletter” and “Send PM Newsletter” in admin panel.
12. New – New notifications: ‘Business submit’ to admin,
13. New – New notifications: ‘Business approved’ to submitter,
14. New – New notifications: ‘Business claim’ to admin,
15. New – New notifications: ‘Result of business claim’ to requester.
16. New – New notifications: ‘Event submit’ to admin,
17. New – New notifications: ‘Event approved’ to submitter,
18. New – Allow editing of permalink in admin.
19. New – Allow claimed user to edit permalink.
20. New – New AD Position manage allow admin to add unlimited ad position.
21. New – FB connect users need to complete email and nickname after first login.
22. New – FB connect users can also set a nickname to hide the true name now.
23. New – Support grab video URL from YouTube video page URL when adding business.
24. Fix – Business Review pagination fixed.
25. Fix – Added NA option for price range when adding or editing business.
26. Fix – Be able to submit header login form when press Enter.
27. Fix – Review order fixed for the first page static reviews.
28. Fix – New rating rule for star picture adjusted.(Score more than 4.75 will be 5 stars)
29. Fix – Up to 100 items per page for Business List in admin panel.
30. Fix – Because of the adjustment of Facebook’s API , Facebook Connect script modified.
31. Fix – Remove the display of a person’s last name if they didn’t enter it in during sign up
32. Fix – Now allow ‘ in categories and cities name.
33. Fix – Fixed if event doesn’t have a end date, it displays itself in the Today section.
34. Fix – Fixed permalink bug when adding business.
35. Developer – Kernal functions like turn_date(), utf_substr() etc upgraded. Fully supported eastern languages, custom time format.
36. Developer – New kernal files re-coded to be OOP classes.

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