Meeplace 2.9 Released

2.9 is now launched!

2.9 Release Notes:

MeePlace V2.9
1. New – New Language Pack: Spanish (es-bo)
2. New – Able to switch off multi-language feature and set a fixed language.
3. New – Able to set a language as default when the language of visitor’s browser cannot be recognized.
4. New – Token available for user login.
5. New – Sales & Special Offers
6. New – Visual uploader for uploading pictures for business
7. New – Friend request. Now visitors can see a user’s basic info without login or without being friends. “Add as friend” need to be approved.
8. New – “Top reviewers” and “New users list”
9. New – Category SEO
10. New – City auto-suggest for header search.
11. New – Business owner can apply StarBiz from business detail page.
12. New – Allow a user to attach a photo with his classified.
13. New – Related Business for Event: Allow a user to pick a related business to fill address when making a event.
14. New – Special Offers: Business owner can post special offers for their business.
15. New – When creating a category user can enter keywords and description.
16. New – Regular Hours and Custom Hours for business hours.
17. Update – On business thumbnails, now it’s clickable and directed to business detail or category.
18. Update – Admin Notification for Contact us feedback
19. Update – Have cities and states to be set alphabetical.
20. Update – Non logged in pop up for visitor tried to review an event.
21. Update – Event translated.
22. Update – Member search updated.
23. Update – Changed the name ‘Deals’ to ‘Classified’.
24. Update – Text button instead of image button.
25. Update – Compatible with PHP 5.3+.
26. Update – Fixed No-Business error when adding business caused by special character in some environments.
27. New – Categories are now alphabetical

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